Critical Pedagogy: The Study of Oppression in Education

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In the education world, the topic of critical pedagogy will be introduced to many. Before one can discuss critical pedagogy, one must know the meaning of it. Critical pedagogy is known to many as the study of oppression in education. It includes how issues of sex, race, gender, culture, and other social factors shape education. Critical pedagogy is also known by many as how teaching and learning takes place. An example of critical pedagogy is when students are able to ask why and respond or challenge questions that are asked in a free manner. When thinking of critical pedagogy, one must think of going beyond the first level of the meaning of a word, topic, or issue. When it comes to social philosophy and its place in curricula,…show more content…
Because I felt that certain skills were more important than others for students to make a successful make a living in today’s society, I had to teach certain lessons at different times. Some schools are on block schedule, which is a shorter time span to cover material. Because the school I had taught at was on a block schedule, I had to make sure students learned and understood certain concepts. Most of those concepts that I taught were also need for students to know for the next level of math that students would have to take. I made sure that the students that were going straight into the workforce had acquired the math skills needed as well as those that were college bound. As an aspiring educational leader, I constantly have balance my personal philosophy with conflicting philosophies of colleagues, policy makers, parents, and so forth. Because currently, I am a school counselor and I always try not to impose my true feelings upon others . At times I may not agree with the person I am having a counseling session with, but I still do not impose my beliefs on the person. My education and training helps me to show my conflicting views in a tactful way. It also helps me to not be as confrontational as others may be seen as. At times I have to express my educational philosophy to get others to think of certain issues in another way. Some persons may not think of another way that an issue can be viewed unless they are asked or given another way to do
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