Critical Race Theory And Feminist Juurisprudence

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Feminist jurisprudence is a complicated legal theory that covers an extensive range of issues affecting women. Feminist jurisprudence rose to prominence in the 1960’s while critical theory flourished in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Both movements provide a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the relationship that exists between law, women, and people of minority. Both critical race theory and feminist jurisprudence highlight how the law is the embodiment of the interests of the most powerful persons in any society (Culver 211). According to feminists, the law and legal concepts reflect an exclusively male or patriarchal view of the world. Two central themes are nearly agreed upon by all feminists. The belief that all male dominated institutions should be rejected and for effective and rapid reform to be introduced to amend existing laws and in the ways…show more content…
They believe and argue that since patriarchy is so pervasive and deeply entrenched in our societies molding our thoughts and attitudes, our assumptions and our basic institutions. Some radical feminists, such as Adrienne Rich or Mary O’Brien have focused on the special roles of females as mothers and caregivers, arguing that women must be relieved from having the sole responsibility or must be in control of them. Others such as Kate Miller highlight the violence that is perpetuated against women by focusing on domestic abuse, sexual harassment, rape, pornography, and the objectification of women. Most radical feminists believe that the construction of gender by a patriarchal society is responsible for the subjugation of women and henceforth should be rejected. Consequently some advocate for androgeny, which is the encompassment of both female and male traits as a treatment for the subjugation of women. Overall radical feminists advocate the rejection of the constructed
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