Critical Race Theory Class

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Race and its restrictions are constructed by society. Racial rules are made and then reinforced by white supremacy and privilege. Due to these cultural expectations, we are all always in a defensive and questioning position. These expectations inspired me to take a series of photos that express the conflict between the external struggles conform to societies expectations of confrontation. It is also intended to make a commentary on the want to be an ally to each other. That grief and support are universal feelings. Race is an unnecessary focal point that we have created to imprison ourselves. Attending the Writing Race in the U.S.: An Exploration of African American Literature and Critical Race Theory class has significantly altered my view of race and racism. I now know that racism is not only projected by those…show more content…
Pictured are two persons: one White male and one Black female. A set of three photos in grayscale on a whiteboard with black paint bordering it. The center photo has the subjects set apart, male with arms crossed and female with arms at her sides. With clear dislike and contempt for each other. One could imagine that they are having any one of the numerous familiar arguments that come across the racial divide. Viewed from the center out, the center picture tells the story of unease, confrontation and aggression. Moving to the outer pictures there is a story of pain, support, and compassion. The left picture shows the Black women with her arms wrapped around the man. Her faces shows that she shares his pain and will be there to console him. The photo on the left pictures the White man holding the woman in a supportive embrace, and the woman’s face expresses a deep grief. Both outside photos stand in collective sadness, and express the want to comfort and accept each
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