Critical Reading And Writing Course

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I believe I have learned a lot over the semester in the Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing course. I did not know anything about rhetoric before entering the class and I now feel that I have a good grasp on it. I still struggle a bit remembering some of the rhetorical terms, but I am way more comfortable and familiar with them now. In high school I never really summarized pieces, instead I would quote them. I now feel confident in my abilities to summarize and paraphrase accurately which is a really useful skill to have. Before this course I knew how to use research databases and do ethical research, but I now know more research tools and I know how to check a sources credibility more thoroughly. In segment one, we focused primarily on paraphrasing and summarizing. First, we learned that it is important to read actively in order to dissect the text and absorb all the information we can from it. By doing this, we can understand the purpose, theme, audience, knowledge level of the author and other important traits of the piece. I believe these reading skills are important because they can be applied to many real world situations. I found the hardest part of summarizing was trying to accurately paraphrase without having the information too similar to the original text. I believe my summarizing skills improved from the first summary, “Style in Revolt: Revolting Style” to the second summary “Wake Up, Geek Culture: Time to Die.” In my “Style in Revolt: Revolting
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