Critical Reading And Writing Of The Discipline

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Critical Reading and Writing in the Discipline (FOUN1019) is a yearlong course designed to improve and develop students’ cognitive, analytical and rhetorical skills. It thereby provides students with the requisite skills to truly join the scholarly arena and become academic writers. I enrolled in the FOUN1019 course with the assumption that I would become more proficient in English Language and a more eloquent communicator. I anticipated that the course would be challenging like many other courses ascribed to my first degree in Marketing; however, nothing could have truly prepared me for the arduous work load that it entails. I had to work assiduously throughout the duration of FOUN109 to prepare coursework and conduct research that required great efforts from me on a weekly basis. Nonetheless FOUN1019 has given me a platform to improve my critical thinking, enhance my research skills and exercise better time management skills. I found that after I enrolled in FOUN1019 my ability to think critically improved tremendously. I learnt that critical thinking is a process of analyzing and evaluating information objectively; in order to fully grasp the message being conveyed. Hence, I was constantly encouraged to not only read, but to question and interact with various texts: reducing them to mere fragments and assessing how each aspect of the text contributed to its entirety. This was often facilitated in many seminar sessions where I had to work in groups to
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