Critical Reasoning And Battle Analysis

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Critical Reasoning and Battle Analysis: The Battle of Inchon

SFC Anderson, Phillip

SLC Class 15-004, 5th Platoon

Intelligence gathering and collection in the United States has significantly increased over time. This paper examines how intelligence reporting and pre-mission planning was crucial to the success of the United Nations involvement at The Battle of Inchon during the Korean War. By examining how intelligence played a role in this battle, you will be able to understand why it is important to gather and collect intelligence prior to every mission executed. Intelligence collection should be the baseline for all military operations. Inchon Landing has an ample amount of actionable intelligence; collected and disseminated appropriately we will discuss how it played a role in a low probability mission accomplishment to the last great amphibious assault in history. This paper provides detailed explanations on why The Battle of Inchon was a success and what could have been the outcome had it gone the other way.
Keywords: Inchon, mission planning, strategic preparation, valuable intelligence

The landing at Inchon during the Korean War was a strategic turning point for the securing of the southern Korean capital of Seoul. Had it not been for mission planning, strategic preparation, and valuable intelligence gathering by the Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy, the Battle of Inchon would not have been a success. If…
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