Critical Reflection In Nursing

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Critical reflection is an indispensable tool used in evidence based nursing practice. Critical reflection is often a difficult concept to define as all health professionals interpret it in diverse ways. However, one definition of critical reflection is the revision of nursing practice experience so that it can be described, analysed and evaluated to use that knowledge to improve on future practice (Bulman & Schutz, 2013). Critical reflection is essential for nursing practice because it ensures patient safety and provides holistic care. This assignment will discuss in further detail a description of an event, a reflection of thoughts and feelings and an evaluation of the positive and negative sides of the incident from both the nurse's and the patient's viewpoint and the consequences. Followed by an analysis of what can be taken away from the event to further improve future nursing practice as well as what can be done to improve one's own learning and develop an action plan using new knowledge. Elder abuse is a growing crisis in modern aged care facilities and often carers charged with the responsibility of looking after the elder population fail to provide thorough evaluations for deteriorating individuals. This was true for an elderly resident of Gold Coast nursing home after nursing staff failed to properly identify, record and treat deteriorating pressure sore wounds, which became gangrenous, that led to his passing after a family member got him to the hospital (Lewis,
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