Critical Reflection On Decision Making

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The purpose of this reflective journal is to critically reflect on the business planning decision-making process that eventuated in the lead up to market day. This reflection will evaluate how collaboratively Waffle Madness worked as a team outlining how we managed criticism, conflict and confrontation within the group. I will analyse our weaknesses and how we surpassed/resolved these and additionally explain the role I took in the carrying out and planning/preparation of team activities.
I believe that my group collaboratively worked together, being in a group of diligent, reliable business partners, who value and respect each other. Due to our assigned roles and responsibilities, we all worked towards unified and clear goals and objectives and ensured that each member contributed an equal amount of work. We had excellent face to face communication as well through email, Skype, text messaging and the collaboration space on OneNote. In the group, I felt very supportive and I felt like everyone was very comfortable to express their own ideas and opinions as our group atmosphere was very relaxed and dependable. Hence, we were not reluctant to mention when we didn’t agree with the ideas or provide and receive constructive criticism. Additionally, our brainstorming and decision making process
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To overcome my pessimistic weakness I could focus more on the positive possibilities and less on the challenges and difficulties ahead. In addition, my business partner Lily is very optimistic so she can always help to perceive the positive side of things. In the future, I should also use less negative words. To be more creative and ingenious, I should get a fresh perspective by viewing things from different angles and also experiment more. Moreover, I should be less reluctant to attempt to create new ideas and share them; I should think outside the box
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