Critical Reflection On Health And Social Care

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This essay is going to critically reflect on the ways in which my life course has affected how I use the health and social care. Health and social care plays a part in our aging society, based on the Block 1 this essay is going to explain meaning of life course and adulthood.

Life course is a sequence of expected age related life-events such as birth, parenthood, retirement and death.These life-events may affect how people go through the life . Understanding person’s life course perspective may help to offer appropriate support and person centred care.Article by Benston et al (2005) shows that lives are shaped not only by individual choices but also by social institutions such as schools, work, government policy, poverty and history. Bengston et al defined five principles in order to understand life course analysis. People’s life is affected by life course of others especially family(linked lives) and are always shaped by a particular context( time and place) timing of life transitions is associated with cultural expectations (timing) people make choices about their plans for the future,they monitor the progress whether their life is going in the way they expected or wanted the last
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Based on Bengston et al (2005) and the five principles my life course is linked to my family ;5 months old daughter , husband and his parents who are disable and needs support, my Polish background expect from me as a woman to take care of my family, I made a choice to live with my parents in law to help them in everyday duties, ,the timing of
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