Critical Reflection On The Course Experience Essay

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Dee Cornell Instructor Thomas Riddle Hum 115 –FJT -06 April 29, 2016 Critical Reflection on the Course Experience in Humanities 115 I have not always been a critical thinker, but throughout my course of study at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC), I have considerably progressed in academic discipline that allows my critical analysis skills from the beginning of the semester flourish to now. Taking Humanities 115, critical thinking enable this success throughout my semester courses. It was a challenge at first, but as time progressed, I became more focused on how this course description was going to impact the critical thinking skills that I had already developed. In “The Art of Thinking”, it offers different strategies for critical reading that you can apply throughout the reading process. There are three distinct strategies I used in reading articles. One reflecting on your views, which expands on your metacognition in the distinction between matters or taste and matters of judgement. Secondly, evaluating what you read, in other words examine what you read with a series of questions such as does the author uses emotional charge language, does the author uses hidden premises, and does the author cites methodologies in his or her writing (Ruggiero p. 69-73). The metacognition of understanding of knowledge is effected by the cultural acculturation process. In other words, this is where I realized that I had habits that hinder my thinking, such as mind-is-better,

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