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Liberalism vs. Socialism

When looking into different political theories there are many different views and even more political opinions on what is best for any one nation and their citizens. In order to fully understand any component of government we must understand its underlying political ideologies and the beliefs behind its policies and views. Liberalism, conservatism, socialism, fascism, feminism, and environmentalism are well known political ideologies. Each ideology has drastic differences of views relating to equality, power, freedom, and justice. Let’s shift the focus by showing just how drastic these differences and concepts can be between the ideologies by looking at liberalism and socialism in terms of government and
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This forced British radicals, from the 1790s to the 1820s to emphasize the importance of natural rights and popular sovereignty in areas concerning government.
Now that we understand the liberalist side of things, let’s look into the socialist government. Socialism emphasizes much different views compared to liberalism. Socialism is based on the theory of collectivism meaning human beings are social by nature, not individuals, and society should respect this and refrain from acting in an individualistic manner. It also believes in public ownership of property by society and government, not individuals, which gives controls of production and property of most companies to the government. Furthermore, the socialistic idea of central economic planning replaces any free market liberal view of class and wealth. This allows the government to own and control the economy in an attempt to make everyone equal in terms of wealth and standards of living. This promotes the idea of economic equality among citizen’s instead forcing people to work for what they have because it supports wealth redistribution.
People of a Socialist government rely heavily on their government in terms of control the means of production such as manufacturing and agriculture. Socialist governments are also responsible for and control their countries economic systems within the central government. An example of a socialist government is The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, an ancient empire,
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