Critical Review: American Creation

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In the course of human events, nothing has been more captivating, awe-inspiring, and romanticized than the foundation of the United States. The idea of few colonies rebelling against the world’s most powerful Empire and country, successfully declaring independence from such country, and laying out the foundation for a system of government that the world had not yet seen has amazed the masses of future generations to this day. What is even more mystifying is the men behind the foundation of the United States; such men as Gen. George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and many more. These men have been elevated to an almost god like status, intellectuals who just knew how and what to…show more content…
Throughout the book, Ellis discusses a lot about some of the Founder’s achievements and accomplishments throughout the revolution, contending that the Revolution was more of an “evolution” and that a lot of what they did was improvised and was in immediate reaction to world events at the time, and how quickly they were able to respond to such events. Ellis then lists the 5 major achievements of the founding fathers: “First, the revolutionary generation won the first successful war for colonial independence in the modern era, against all odds defeating the most powerful army and navy in the world… Second, they established the first nation-sized republic… Third, they created the first wholly secular state… Fourth, they created multiple and overlapping sources of authority in which the blurring of jurisdiction between federal and state power became an asset rather than a liability… Fifth, they encouraged on-going debate; their framework has made ongoing dialogue to become a hallmark of the modern liberal state” (Ellis 9). Despite their achievements, he then goes on to list the failures of the founding
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