Critical Review: Hillary Clinton's Leadership Style

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Clinton future at the White House is questionable at this stage as she announced that she would no longer serve as Sectary of State and she would not run for presidency in 2012; some rumors however state that she considers competing in the 2016 elections. It is nevertheless worthwhile to mention that it has been nearly two centuries since any sectary of state has become United States president. Hillary Rodham Clinton was born in 1947 as Hillary Diane Rodham and began her political ascension in the late 1970s decade. Her political interests revolve much around the creation of a better life for the middle class Americans, and in this effort, she has placed an increased emphasis on developing a better health care legislation and coverage. Clinton was passionate about the Iraq war and gave it a positive vote in 2002. Since then however, she has changed her opinion and now regrets her initial vote. While she never publicly apologized for the vote in favor of the war, she now struggle to advance peace talks in the region. At the level of her particular leadership style, Hillary Clinton is a strong and determined woman, often posing as an aggressive opponent in battle. In her private life however, she is reported to be less stern and she commands the respect of people who have known her for decades.…
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