Critical Review Of Tourism Literature Review

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Critical Review of manuscript
This article brings to our knowledge and explains about the overall impact of tourism by taking the four species of macropodids (Onychogalea faenata, Macropus rufogriseus, Wallabia bicolor and Macropus giganteus) in a sanctuary as their study samples. A few negative impacts were observed on different methods of approach and study and so it is concluded that, tours in vehicles would be better to minimize those impacts rather than on foot. The study of this article proves to be worth reporting as it exposes and creates the awareness in general about the negative impacts on different species due to increasing human population and their approach towards them.

The title explains the study of this article and its findings but does not seem to be appropriate. The title would look better if it was made precise and had apt words that best suited the article describing its result.

The abstract gives an overall idea and the main aim of this article but has no background information or reasoning. The study sample species names are mentioned but it lacks the methodology of their study. It expresses a solution for the problem of the study but not a specific clear-cut quantitative or qualitative result. The content is too concise but still it conveys a message.

The introduction had the suitable information to the study and also it did introduce the topic. The aim was explained in well-organized manner but the hypothesis of the article was not clear.
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