Critical Review On Angela Davis

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Annabelle Villegas ENG 106 Professor Asbell 10 March 2017 Critical Book Review Angela Davis is best known for being a political activist for social issues as well as being a member of the Black Panther Party and Communist party. Davis is well educated and received wide attention when she was fired from UCLA for being a member in the communist party. She also received wide attention when a takeover in a courtroom which killed several people by a gun was registered under her name. She was put on trial and acquitted for murder but found not guilty. In the past few years, she has been focusing on fighting against the prison system. She is the founder of Critical Resistance, a national organization about prison industrial complex. Her book…show more content…
For example, she gives the history of prisons in California “There are now thirty-three prisons, thirty-eight canos, sixteen community correctional facilities…” ( Davis 13) She further explains how there has been an huge increase in prisons and prisoners and presents her argument on the reasons why prisons have increased such as the Prison Industrial Complex in which she explains in chapter five. This chapter helps gives you a preview of what Davis will be talking about throughout the book. In chapter two, slavery, civil rights, and abolitionist perspectives toward prison,, Davis provides a connection of slavery and prison institutions. She provides an insight in a way that I have never thought about prisons before. Davis reflects back on history and explains how slavery has not ended yet but has change. She explains how even though slavery is abolition. before slavery was normal just how prisons are normal to us. Overtime, we may change our views about prisons and come to the conclusion to abolish prisons. In chapter three, imprisonment and reform, Davis explains the means of imprisonment and what reform has to do with it. Davis argues that prisons are obsolete because they are undemocratic because they take away human rights such as the 13th amendment. She argues that a democracy would not need prisons and many social problems would be fix. Prisons are a way of social control in which exploits
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