Critical Review On Electricity Policy

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Critical Review 3
Electricity Policy in Ontario
Readings included: “Making Choices: Reviewing Ontario’s Long-term Energy Plan”, “The Development of Renewable Electricity Policy in the Province of Ontario: The Influence of Ideas and Timing”, “The Politics of Renewable Energy Policies: The Case of Feed-in Tariffs in Ontario, Canada”, “Energy, Economic and environmental discourses and their policy impact: The case of Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act”.
For the sake of this review, the titles are abbreviated to Making choices, Ideas and Timing, Ontario’s Feed-in Tariffs, and Ontario GEGEA respectively.

In the abovementioned four articles, electricity policy in Ontario is the central theme across all of them, however all with very different perspectives and focuses in addressing it. Key differentiation of Making Choices from the other passages is that it provides a broad and inclusive look at Ontario Energy needs to gather discussions around future energy development, whereas the others focus specifically on the development of renewable energy policies. As a result, this review will mainly focus on the latter three articles as they are more intrinsically related to one another, whilst the evidence from Making Choices will be drew out where needed.
In examining the articles, one can notice the cascade relationship among them, starting off with a chronological approach in the Ideas and Timing of Ontario’s renewable energy policy development; followed by further…
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