Critical Review On Health Care Strategic Planning

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Health care strategic planning is an important role in health facilities because it allows a facility to provide quality and objective services. Current information indicates that the United States medical facilities’ consider the aspect as a tool to spur a high consumer count. The concept involves psychological interpretation of the patient’s behavioral concept associated with intrinsic health hazards. Therefore, such a platform allows the physicians to come up with a strategy which is implemented so that the facilities’ operations are not interrupted by the patient. The strategy’s implementation mechanism is a task which deserves attention to ensure that the facility reaps the perceived obligations (Aloini, Dulmin & Mininno,
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In the first step, the medical facility aims to prevent substance abuse and mental illness among the patients. It is a perception where the physicians control the effects associated with the use of substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and the violation of medicinal drug prescription (Horwitz, Moin & Green, 2007). Secondly, the aspect of mental illness associates psychological distress where many patients consider themselves ill due to depression or suffering from personal rejection in the family. It is an initiative enhanced in the colleges, universities, and specific groups, for instance, the youth. Information asserts that the use of such substances especially alcohol and cigarettes accrues chronic diseases, for instance, heart attack and kidney failure. In relation to the perception, statistics asserts that the general American population is highly affected by chronic diseases leading to a high mortality rate.

Therefore, the initiative can strategically be approached through the selective prevention strategy. The strategy helps the individuals to gain adequate knowledge regarding the effects of the respective substances through education and awareness. Secondly, the platform enables the patients to develop a positive attitude to avoid the substances due to their effects. The patient forms the positive attitudes once he/she realizes the negative impacts the substance has on their life. Evidently,
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