Critical Review On Prison And Prison

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Manya Wilson
Kaplan University Graduate School of Criminal Justice
Critical Issues in Corrections
CJ 521-0806-0916-01
Dr.John Hill
August 23, 2014 Abstract
To many convicts in the United States the jail or prison is often times the first resort of punishing. Legal teams do not research sentencing options; they like to sentence an offender to the easiest place to do their time which is the jail. The jail has the amenities that an inmate seeks or wants. They can get a shower, a warm meal, and some clothes free of charge and get released the next day. If they go to prison, the inmate can get all those perks, and get released years later. These inmates that come to prison for small crimes, are causing the prison populations to expand person by person. The cells are not designed more than two people , and the shower can only one body in it at a time and of course the toilet is only designed for buttock at time.

Jail and Prison should be the last resort, but in modern society it is the first resort
The Introduction
In today’s society, there are a variety of sentencing options for the convicted felon. Or the first time criminal who has no prior convictions, but because of going to a party, he or she does something they would not have done and lands in the custody of a state penal system. Since there are varieties of sentencing options available to a potential detainee, then why does the United States have so many people stacked up top on one another in its penal systems? The
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