Critical Review, Rhetorical Analysis, And An Argument Synthesis Essay

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This semester has been full of different types of writing styles and writing topics. Throughout the semester of being in College Writing One we wrote a visual critique, critical review, rhetorical analysis, and an argument synthesis essay. All of the types of writings came with the struggles, strengths, and the learning parts to them. Overall writing all those different types of styles and topics I feel like I have become a little bit of a better writer than I was when I walked into the class back in January. Knowing the audience and genre of the topic one is writing for makes a big difference on how the paper is put together when it comes to the content, tone, and diction. This semester I was given an opportunity to write about a variety topics that that I have not been exposed to in the past. This got me out of my comfort zone when it came to writing the papers. When writing the visual critique we were given an advertisement and we has to basically take apart the advertisement and pick out the elements that would stand out to the audience it is targeting. So the first task for this writing was to figure out who the audience of the advertisement was addressing. Once I figured out who the audience was it was time to start to take apart the advertisement and choose what would stand out to those specific people to influence them into buying the product or service that is being sold. By going through this process i had to slow down and carefully analyze what was going on in

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