Critical Review of Article a New Mandate for Human Resources

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Article Summary and Critical Review

Human Resource Management

A New Mandate for Human Resources

By Dave Ulrich

1 Summary

In recent times HR has been perceived as ineffective, incompetent and costly. A need has been felt for creating a new role and agenda to focus on the outcomes and deliverables enrichinhg the organisations value to customers, investors and employees. The four ways which should be adopted by the HR are

← It should partener with the management in executing the strategy

← Develop an expertise in organizing and executing administrative work efficiently.

← Become a medium of transferring employes concerns to
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They should work for orienting and training line management about the importance of high employee morale and ways to achieve it.

Becoming a Change Agent – The HR should work for building the organizations capacity to acquire and gain from change. The change initiatives focused on creating high performance teams, reducing innovation cycle time and technology implementation should be defined, developed and delivered in a time bound manner. It should as change agent replace employee resistance to change with resolve, planning with results and fear with excitement.

To bring about the new culture, HR should

← define and clarify the concept of culture change

← articulate the need for change for business success

← define a process for assesing the current culture, the new culture and the gap

← identify the alternative approaches to create culture change

3 The changes required for the line management

The activities required by the line / senior management to facilitate the HR management become outcome focused are

← Communicate the importance of soft skills to the organoization

← Explicitly define the deliverables and accountability of Hrs

← Invest in innovative HR practices

← Upgrade HR professionals in terms of quality by recruiting best

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