Essay Critical Review of Reappraising Cognitive Styles in AWBES

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Critical Review of Reappraising Cognitive Styles in Adaptive Web Applications
Keni Gin
University of Western Ontario

Review on Reappraising Cognitive Styles in Adaptive Web Applications
Introduction and Related Work This research is based on empirical user trial data and a sophisticated analysis. It tries to evaluate the validity of applying visual-verbal preferences to an adaptive web-based educational system (AWBES) by examining user trials of a case study. Previous researches are either focused on pragmatic applications or based on inadequate sample sizes. This research goes beyond former ones by employing user trials to collect critical data and directly raising the core question of the
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Furthermore, both the matched group and neutral group have the same bimodal users given neutral contents. This leads to a doubt: the study result which shows insignificant academic differences might be from the similarity of the group members rather than from the invalidity of the utilization. The second questionable method states, “Mismatched students were given content that was contrary to their learning style” (p.330). If bimodal users are placed in the mismatched group, what content should be provided to them? Neither visual nor verbal content would be appropriate since they are both partially matched and partially mismatched to a bimodal user; and the neutral content would be inappropriate either, since it matches the bimodal user’s cognitive style and ends up being against the definition of the mismatched group. A table which illustrates the quantities of three cognitive-styled students distributed into matched/ mismatched/ neutral could help clarify the grouping method. The computer test which distributed students into cognitive groups should employ details and examples of the test and the scoring system to clarify the fairness of the test. As for sampling, the sample size should be adequately enlarged to include an effective verbal sample; the post-secondary students are a biased group which can’t meet the variety of people. The learning module should be studied to see whether it is biased to/against any group/learning style. The

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