Critical Review of Rebecca Essay

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The gothic romance and mystery of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca show the style in which a deep, dark secret is held at the beautiful Manderley, and a young love is influenced by the haunting of Manderley’s former mistress. Using the harrowing style of suspense, Daphne tells a tale of a young woman trying to live a life in the home of someone who has not quite left yet. With extraordinary scenery, strong symbolism, and plenty of hidden irony, Daphne du Maurier has made an everlasting psychological thriller. In London, on May 13, 1907, Daphne du Maurier was born to Gerald du Maurier and Muriel Beaumont. As a young girl, Daphne grew up around creative thinking. Her grandfather, George du Maurier, was a cartoonist and author. Daphne's own…show more content…
As a young girl, she sometimes felt that she should have been a boy. She even developed a sort of male alter ego and called herself Eric Avon. This male persona was often referred to as a “boy in the box” by Daphne herself (Templeton). Due to a “puritanical and tradition-bound” father, Daphne would not accept this part of herself (Templeton). Daphne really actually disliked social life. However, she did enjoy walking, sailing, and studying birds. A few of these hobbies are portrayed in her book Rebecca, for which she received the booksellers' favorite novel by the American Booksellers' Association in February of 1939. The New York Times wrote that Daphne du Maurier had “the ability to tell a good story and people it with a twinkling reality” (“Du Maurier”). Rebecca became a bestseller and was later made into a movie. Another accomplishment made by Lady Browning was being made a Dame Commander of the British Empire. At age 81, Daphne du Maurier passed away in her sleep in Cornwall, England on April 19, 1989. Ancient and significant, Manderley is the very core of the story of Rebecca. Appearing in the first sentence, this setting gives a vague foreshadowing. Leading back by a long lane, the manor lies on an amazing and well-designed landscape. Set in the spring, the azaleas are in bloom and Manderley seems to glow. The Cornwall area of Manderley brings about the British culture and society of the time. As the plot thickens and gloomier days come, the
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