Critical Review of Undaunted Courage

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Critical Review of Undaunted Courage Stephen Ambrose's Undaunted Courage is a remarkable piece of nonfiction literature. His work is so thorough that one wonders how he has time to do much more. Yet he has created time in his life to go west and go camping and hiking and canoeing in the summers with his family. Which possibly shows that anything can be raw material to the open mind, for it was on those trips that he developed a great fascination with the Lewis and Clark expedition that explored the West when the country was twenty-five years old. Ambrose creates a precise and true story of the expedition in witch most readers would be enthralled. His style is smooth, readable and enjoyable, unlike many historical nonfiction of the day.…show more content…
The overall effect of the author's style is to tell a tale of bravery and discovery, without much feeling. There are many moving descriptions of events like the suicide of Lewis, who probable suffered from bi-polar, years after the expedition itself and the beautiful imagery of the assorted settings, by means of which he is extremely familiar, make it easy to understand why people today retrace long Lewis's and Clark's journey. The wide use of the actual diaries of the journey members gives effervescence to the descriptions of the diverse tribes of, the wildlife, Indians, and natural difficulty encountered. The diaries also offer a peek into the characters of these famed figures and their troop. The gaps left by the diaries and Ambrose dexterously fills in other documents. He additionally colors the characters, settings, and situations with well-grounded conjectures. Undaunted Courage was a delight to read. Who knew that history could be such an adventure. Stephen Ambrose, once and for all has put Lewis and Clark's adventure in infamy. The story was so true to the real expedition. Ambrose amazingly crafted a seamless story although there were many gaps in Lewis and Clark's journals and documentation. The style was readable and simple. It tells of a remarkable story and amazing bravery that not many can match. This book is a jewel in history and really conveys the history of our country, for if it wasn't for Lewis and Clark, The United States of America could be

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