Critical Review of a Research Article

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Critical Review of a Research Article

Pupils who exhibit gifted characteristics along with another disability are referred to as ‘twice-exceptional students' (Morrison, 2001; Nielsen 2002). This term is used in the article that I have chosen to review, which analyses the responses and perceptions through interview, of one particular individual (Andrew) who was identified as being gifted and talented (G/T) and who had emotional and behavioural disabilities (EBD). What the researchers aimed to accomplish through this analysis was a clearer understanding of Andrew's community and school experiences, as they stated that
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In this study there was no deficit in the amount of data collected by the questions asked by the researcher, with Andrew providing ‘depth and clarification' (p.3) in some replies.

The findings that the researchers identified (p.3) form the next part of my critique. The themes which were found through analysis of the data compare to other researchers who find that gifted children in particular suffer from various social vulnerabilities as a result of their special needs (Porter, 1999; Lovecky 1992; Schuler 2003). What strikes me about some of the data is the bias which comes across from Andrew's reflections. He states, "They uprooted me and put me in a classroom because of my behaviour instead of trying to deal with the behaviour in the classroom" (p.3). The researchers analyse this as being the participant's anger and frustration towards his labelled disabilities. He then goes on to describe, "I don't remember a single thing that we did in there that I considered as being educational" (p.3). Were these statements an actuality of what he would have stated at the time in question, or were they the result of his ability to reflect from a teacher's perspective? Nevertheless the statements he makes, which are often quite controversial e.g. "We did not learn about math or science that I recall" (p.3), do seem to be conducive to the type of evidence that the researchers may have required to
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