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Critical Reviews of Brave New World

Since the original publishing of Brave New World, the book has stirred up a brew of controversy. It has received many reviews both positive and negative. In this paper I will provide examples of both and look at the reasons behind them.

My first review is a negative one. In the review the reviewer states as his main reasons for disliking the book are the obnoxious characters and plot holes. A few examples of this are that Bernard Marx is unhappy with his life and wants to expand his mind yet all he does is take random vacations to the Savage Reservation. The author of the review compares this to saying, “I’m having a bout with depression. I’m going to Iran,” then jumping on a plane and going. It
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Also, Soma can be compared to Prozac. He feels that the society in Brave New World is one that compares closely to the feudal system is England where the leaders were born into their positions and servants were born into their positions and thus Brave New World is a satire warning America to be careful of where society is headed. (

With this review my opinion is a little split. I agree with what the author said about inequalities in health care and education, but I see no connection between Soma and Prozac. Prozac is used to treat a disease Soma is not. soma is used to let people escape their boring lives. Also, I agree with the comment that Brave New World can be seen as a satire because the feudal system was something used back in the dark ages and we humans like to think that we have moved past that and that we are better than that, but Huxley suggests that with all the technology and knowledge we gain we end up back where we started.

The third review I chose was again a negative one. The third author felt that the entire book was a disappointment. He describes the plot as mainly about people who cant think for themselves and then compares that to Hitler talking of a Supreme Race. Also he describes the characters as flat and states that once you feel you get to know a character the author either switches characters or changes the original character completely.

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