Critical Study of Animal Attacks and Government Policy

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Jungles are calling: Critical Study of animal attacks and government policy
We are fond of progress, mines, speedy trains, luxurious homes, and of smooth roads and at the same time we want a peace of mind where we can take a rest for few days in the jungles or in remote area from the chaotic and tensed urban life. That clearly shows human being has fond of development as well as environment. Over to the time this fact is accepted that sustainable development and protection of environment are two side of one coin. Recent incidents shows that supporters of both the side are conflicting with each other like these are enemies of each other’s. Recent statistics from Maharashtra shows that compensation amount which is given to the victims of the animal attack is too high and that can be wisely and effectively invested into the precautionary measures and for the rehabilitation of the animals. Many animals like elephants, tigers, peacock etc. are getting unnatural death because of trains in many areas of country. We are using the jungles to build dams, railway tracks and many things which are for the development of the human fraternity, but at the same time we are not thoughtful about water places, ways of the animals and which are resulted into the attack of the animals on people. Even then no one is serious about preserving jungles. Indian railway has planned to cut down 2800 Km forest for the widening the railway line in country and the same proposal is pending in the front
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