Critical Study of Recruitment Process

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Introduction :-

The word ‘recruitment’ has many meaning and plays an important role. Employees leave the organization in search of greener pastures- some retire some die in saddle. The most important thing is that enterprise grows, diversifies, and takes over other units-all necessitating hiring of new men and women. In fact recruitment functions stop only when the organization ceases to exist. To understand recruitment in simple terms it is understood as process of searching for obtaining applications of job from among from whom the right people can be selected. To define recruitment we can define it formally as it is a process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The process begins
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Secondary Data :
This data is collected from company’s internal documents of training department & from Web sites. Secondary data is scrutinized on the basis of suitability, reliability, adequacy and accuracy. Sampling Method:
Sampling Method is used due to its less expensive, less time consuming and greater accuracy nature. Simple random Sampling with replacement is used for data collection through Questionnaires and Telephone Interviews.

Importance and scope

1. This projects will provide a value insight to student on the topic.

2. This project will help to get the practical knowledge in employee recruiting in the organization.

3. The project will equip me for my future in H. R. M.


1. Organization did not disclose full information. 2. Data collected in this field are not sufficient.

Expected Contribution

Familiarity with own employees: The organization has more knowledge and familiarity with the strengths and weaknesses of its own employees than of strange on unknown outsiders.

Better use of the talent:

The policy of internal recruitment also provides an opportunity to the organization to make a better use of talents internally available and to develop them further and further.

Economical recruitment:

In case of internal recruitment, the organization does
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