Critical Success Factors Essay

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Critical Success Factors or CSFs can be defined as the essential factors that must be performed well in order to achieve missions, objectives or goals in an establishments. In every establishments, CSFs help everyone in the team to be aware on what’s the most important.CSFs was first being introduced by D. Ronald Daniel in the 1960s before it was being popularized almost two decade later by John F. Rockart (1979) from Sloan School Management of MIT.
The concept of critical success factors was introduced in 1961 by Ronald Daniel (Daniel 1961). The author employed the above concept to identify information that is necessary in performing managerial duties. According to him, a firm’s information system should focus on ‘success factors’ (Daniel 1961, 116). He also proposed that in most industries success is determined by three to six success factors. The above
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Each and every person in an organization have their own mission and their own role, some are the same some are different, as an example, a manager mission and role is to ensure the smooth operation and to increase sales, whereby, a supervisor mission and role is to ensure a smooth operation and to supervise the staffs under him.
After finding out mission and role, objectives and goals can be determined, objectives and goals can be in form of numbers or other achievement, as an example, number of sales, occupancy rate, etc. As soon as the objectives and goals are being determined, the critical success factors can be listed out. As an example, to ensure that a hotel reached a certain number of sales target, the success factors are great service, price, and location.

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