Critical Success Factors Of An Organization

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Critical success factors are generally essential activities or elements that allow an organization to achieve its objectives and for current and future operations.
Some of the critical success factors of business could be as follows:
• Reductions in employee turnover and increase in employee retention.
• Increasing satisfaction percentage in employee engagement survey.
• Improved ratings for training and development.
• Increase revenue per man-hour
• Improved performance appraisal system by KPI.
• Improved employee health and safety system to reduce absenteeism.
• Successful marketing plan.
• Increasing number of customers.
• Increasing customer satisfaction rate.
• Good financial strategy.
• Strong relationship with suppliers.
• Strong relationship with community.
• Risk management.

Key stakeholders in a research are people or groups who may be directly or indirectly affected by the research either positively or negatively.
Key stakeholders can assist researchers in different stages on their researches. They could help the researcher before the research is conducted, while it is being conducted, and after the research result is collected. On the other hand, without the support of stakeholders the research may be incomplete and criticized. It is vital to understand and accomplish stakeholders’ interests and needs from the very beginning of the research.

The research on an HR issue may include multiple key stakeholders either directly or indirectly. In a research on…
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