Critical Success Factors in Debating

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In successfully debating, it is equally necessary to rely on both team preparation efforts, as well as public speaking skills. The art of debate has been important throughout the entire history of mankind, often times people with powerful skills for debate earning high powered positions. Today, the process of debate is still regarded as essential in public communications and it can sometimes weigh in the balance between the winner and the loser such as the recent case of the debates between the two presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. In the past, debating in public was reserved to the people who had an innate ability for public speaking; nowadays however, the ability to debate is being taught in educational institutions. In the recent past, the class has participated in a debate over the ability of the single gender schools to create better learning environments than co-ed schools. In conducting the debate, teams were created and various tasks were assigned within the teams. As part of the educational process then, a question is now being posed relative to the key factors which drive success in a debate. At this level, it is believed that the success is ensured by a combination of team effort and good public speaking skills.

2. Team effort
As part of the educational process, the debate over the single gender schools versus the co-ed schools in creating positive educational…

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