Critical Success Factors of Enterprise Systems Implementations

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Critical Success Factors of Enterprise Systems Implementations Introduction Major implementers of system hold a belief that technology implementation is not just a question of incorporation a new system in to an already existing system. It is held that there are particular success factors that need to be considered. The examination of the business system to be implemented and the organization's operational aspect are important ADDIN EN.CITE Fishbein M2005213(Fishbein M & Ajzen I, 2005)2132136Fishbein M,Ajzen I,. Belief, Attitude, Intentions and behavior: An Introduction to Theory and Research, Annals of the Association of American Geographers2005BostonAddison-Wesley( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_4" o "Fishbein M, 2005 #213" Fishbein M & Ajzen I, 2005). This paper looks at the implementation factors that need to be considered and that measures that will ensures success. The contexts of the argument given herein are based on papers and reports on system implementation as well as borrowing from the factors that contribute to project success. This is because system implementation is similar to project and they hold similar importance to organization's growth ADDIN EN.CITE Loh T.C.2004214(Loh T.C. & L, 2004)21421417Loh T.C.,Koh S. C. LCritical elements for successful enterprise resource planning implementation in small-and medium-sized enterprisesInternational Journal of ProductionInternational Journal of Production3433421734552004( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_7" o "Loh T.C., 2004 #214" Loh
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