Critical Success Factors of a Successful Logistics Operator

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To describe in 1,000 to 1,500 words the critical success factors of a successful logistics operator and how can competitive edges can be maintained in such a volatile market with basically no barrier in entry. You may quote an actual/real life example to support your arguments. Please either research or create a Vision Statement for a successful logistics operator and brief explain to what extent it helps in sustainable business growth. What are the Critical Success Factors in Logistics? Critical success factor (CSF) is the term for an element that is necessary for an organization or project to achieve its mission. It is a critical factor or activity required for ensuring the success of a company or an organization. The term was…show more content…
Despite legal restrictions that it faced initially, UPS offered parcel delivery services between the 48 contiguous United States by 1975. In the 1980s, UPS began flying packages on its own airplanes to avoid the risk associated with relying on commercial airlines. They wanted to make sure the delivery the packages to the customers on time. In the 1990s, UPS launched online package tracking, the UPS Logistics Group, and UPS Capital, which offers customers financing for the supply chain purchases that they ship via UPS. These steps marked the beginning of UPS’s first efforts to expand its services beyond shipping, efforts that remain key to UPS’s growth strategy for the coming years. Today UPS offers business customers supply-chain management, financing and the option to incorporate UPS shipment data into their own IT systems. For individuals, more than 6,000 franchisee-owned UPS Store and Mail Boxes etc. location across U.S. offer private mail box rentals, packaging supplies for purchase, and convenient drop-off locations for UPS shipments. These services are available in around 25 countries and include about 150,000 access points. UPS has never stayed in the old level. They do not satisfy just the small delivery packages company. They realized the increasing demand of logistic services, they used its strategic plan to expand its portfolio to
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