Critical Theory: The Frankfurt School

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What is critical theory? The critical theory is basically aimed to critiquing and changing the society and the world that we live in. critical theory is basically aimed to look deep into our society and daily lives in order to find a full and true understanding of what is going on.
The critical theory came from a study by a group of sociologists at the University of Frankfort in Germany who were also know as the Frankfurt school. The Frankfurt school is known for its scholars that are always after developing the critical theory and popularizing the dialectical method of learning by questioning and interrogating the society’s contradictions, and is mostly associated with the work of max Horkheimer. The school or institute was founded by Marxist scholar carl Grunberg in 1923, and initially financed by another Marxist scholar, Felix Weil. Critical theory as it is known today can be traced to Marx's critique of
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The politics and economic structures of the time influenced their thought and writing, as they existed within the rise of national socialism—including the rise of the Nazi regime, state capitalism, and the rise and spread of mass-produced culture. Max Horkheimer, in the book Traditional and Critical Theory, said that the critical theory must do two important things: 1- it must account for the whole of society within historical context. 2- It should seek to offer a robust and holistic critique by incorporating insights from all social sciences. Furthermore, Horkheimer said a theory can be a true critical theory only if it can be explained, practical, and normative. Basically, the theory should explain the social problems that exist, it must offer practical solutions for responding and making the change, and it must tolerate the criticism established by the
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