Critical Thinking Analysis Of Cliffside Holding Company Memo

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Critical Thinking Analysis of Cliffside Holding Company Memo
Oluseyi Ilupeju
University of Maryland University College
AMBA 610 9048
Professor Pauli Richard

This paper is to assess the argument that show the effect of the critical thinking and system thinking models to analyze problems especially those confronted by organizations. Cliffside Holding Company of Masspequa’s memo will be used to show the effectiveness of the models. 11 steps of critical thinking were explained in the book Asking the Right Questions Browne and Keeley (2015). The steps are used to illustrate the critical thinking as it relates to Cliffside Holding Company.
It is essential to apply critical thinking in the process of solving complex and critical situation that people face, but more especially for the organization leaders, because they are expected to have solution to all problems that the organization might be facing. Critical thinking encourages the use diverse skill sets and information to solve problems. The irony is that most of the steps of critical thinking as described by Brown and Keely are used vaguely or in one form or the other by people. However, Kubasek, Brennan and Browne described what it will be like for an individual that cannot apply critical thinking questions to information as a mental puppet of the last clever person you talk to (p. 14 2015). If all the processes are understood and applied to issues, it will be faster to find a resolution to those critical…
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