Critical Thinking And Critical Thinking

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As we arise each morning, we begin to start making decisions in regarding the activities encountered throughout the day. There is a sense of complacency for the typical working individual. But, what happens when a situation changes due to specific events that arise and we take a step away from the normal. We begin the critical thought process of thinking outside the box. Critical thinking is the process of evaluating your decisions, providing positive or negative feedback, and researching conclusions. At the point when used correctly, it reduces the issue of complacency in how we carry on with everyday activities. Critical thinking in a personal business decision Before I started my business as being a mobile deejay, I had to make…show more content…
I look forward to seeking growth in everything that I accomplish, and to be able to accept the outcome no matter if it is good or bad.

Importance and benefits of critical thinking in business decisions I think having the insight to seek assistance in the start of my craft was a benefit on its own. I had no idea in what to expect and the process of conducting myself as a business representative. There were a few individuals that were in the business for some time, and they provided helpful tips. I knew it was going to be trial and error involved, but I accepted the challenge to tailor each event after positive and negative feedback.

Critical thinking on the job I work at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center as a field service engineer, which I am a subject matter expert for satellite communications. The equipment that we are responsible for repairing or operating changes continually concerning the type of faults that occurs. The changes can be operating parameters or some upgrade to the system, so the level of knowledge on any gear varies from each technician. We have a gather of the minds each morning to discuss some of the current problems that we each may be evaluating and brainstorm. Our process of critical thinking involves which technician would oversee the job and provide support to the ship. Upon completion of the issue, we evaluate the process, document the

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