Critical Thinking And Decision Making

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making
By Pat Scruggs | Submitted On October 31, 2010

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What is critical thinking?

There 's a phrase that conjures up all manner of opinions. Academia might describe it one way, while your elementary teacher might describe it another way, yet you might think of something different entirely. For this article I want to explore only what it might mean in relationship to a child. Your ever-evolving, day-to-day changing, explorative, inquisitive, into-everything, needs-constant-stimulation, growing and learning, son or daughter.

The facets of critical thinking are observation, evaluation, judgement, to drawing a conclusion, and problem solving. Critical thinking might also be thought of as the ability to think abstractly while developing concrete conclusions.

How many times a day are we guilty of not observing, just merely going through the motions of life? And, when a problem arises, we 're annoyed.


What if, when a problem arose, you looked at it differently? What if you viewed it as an opportunity to think about what just occurred and contemplate how many ways that particular problem might be solved.

Does it
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