Critical Thinking And Higher Order Learning Essay

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Critical Thinking in Quality for Manufacturing
Critical thinking and higher order learning is of paramount importance to the progression and survival of the human race. According to Cruz, critical thinking allows us to gage whether or not our actions are valuable. “If they have no value, one stops engaging or thinking in them and adopt a new set of actions and thoughts.” This quote provides the basis that through critical thinking one is able to progress further. This same concept is applicable to education, manufacturing, and health care.
When considering the origins of critical thinking and higher order learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy is the forerunner. “Bloom’s Taxonomy is a multi-tiered model of classifying thinking according to six cognitive levels of complexity,” said Forehand. The original taxonomy, created by Benjamin S. Bloom, consisted of six levels. The lower three levels were: knowledge, comprehension, and application. The higher three levels were: analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Since its origination in 1956, the taxonomy has been revised to better suit 21st century thought. According to Forehand, “a former student of Bloom 's, Lorin Anderson, led a new assembly which met for the purpose of updating the taxonomy, hoping to add relevance for 21st century students and teachers.” The revision was published in 2001, and was edited to be able to be used by a much broader audience, as opposed to Bloom’s original audience of teachers. The terms, or levels, of the
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