Critical Thinking And Relational Ethics Essay

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Critical Thinking and Relational Ethics in Nursing Practice: A Case Study Analysis A registered nurse 's role in patients ' recovery post surgery is greatly related to the concepts of relational ethics and critical thinking, which are inherent in every interaction between human beings. These concepts will be described and then used to analyze a case study of a patient 's experience with health-care. Associated research will be used to support the case study analysis.
What Are Relational Ethics and Critical Thinking?
Critical Thinking The ability to think critically is vital to a nurse 's role as nurses are faced with constant decision-making in which the answers are often not completely clear or definitive but the consequences of which affect human lives. Critical thinking involves the use of a specific thought process to guide complex clinical decision-making (Arnold & Boggs, 2011). According to Arnold and Boggs (2011), to apply critical thinking, one must: clarify concepts, identify his or her own values, integrate data and identify missing data, obtain new data, identify the significant problem, examine skeptically, apply criteria, generate options and look at alternatives, consider whether factors change if the context changes, make the final decision. Barriers include attitudes, habits, cognitive dissonance, and clashing of personal and professional values. Some important characteristics to a nurse being able to think critically are: the ability to reflect on
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