Critical Thinking Apol 104

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting Up a Paper in APA Format These instructions will help you format all three parts of your paper: 1. the title or cover page 2. the paper 3. the reference page 1. TITLE OR COVER PAGE APA format requires a paper to have a title or cover page. To get started, open Microsoft Word. The library computers will have an icon on the desktop that looks like this: Once you have a new document open, you will need to put a running header on the page. This heading will appear on each page of your document. Click on the Insert tab on the main ribbon at the top of the page. Click on Header, Click on Blank. Once you have a header box open, you will need to type the name of your paper as the running head for…show more content…
How to format reference citations copied and pasted into your Microsoft Word document You will need to adjust the ruler by changing the First Line Indent and the Hanging Indent. If the ruler is not visible, click on this View ruler icon to make it appear. You will need to move the little indent markers so that the TOP one (First Line Indent) is on 0, which is the default, Click on the BOTTOM one (Hanging indent) and move it to the 0.5 spot. If both move, click on the TOP one and return it to the 0 spot. Once you copy and then paste a reference into this page, they should line up like those below. You most likely will have to change the font style and font size to match the rest of your document. You will click on the Font button arrow and change it to whatever one you used in the rest of your paper, Click on the Font size arrow and change it to whatever one you used in the rest of the paper. Make sure that the references are in alphabetical order by whatever the first word is, regardless of whether it is an author’s name or a title. The references should be in alphabetical order and indented like this.

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