Critical Thinking Assessment From A Typical College Course

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Critical Thinking Assessment IV Name Institution 1. Describe the two ways that students normally study in a typical college course. The college students study by attending lectures and taking on the subject of their interests. The average college lecture will last about one hour fifteen minutes and mostly involves the instructors dictating and explaining the points while the students are taking notes. Secondly, the college students use the group’s discussion to study (Paul & Elder, 2013). The groups help the student to learn since they are actively involved in the process. The student understands more of what is taught in groups than when it is presented in the instructional format. 2. Evaluate a mode of study that you do well and…show more content…
The inability of the educational system to provide equitable education leads to the achievement gap between different groups of students. The most important elements of the mixed quality classroom are the need to facilitate knowledge constructions for students that have different abilities. Differentiation of learning is the only way for facilitating effective learning for all the students in a mixed-ability classroom (Paul & Elder, 2013). 4. What are the characteristics of the exemplary student? Which do you think are most important? An exemplary student is the one that can solve problems and analyze the available information. Such a student will also have the ability to recognize bias, appreciate the diverse opinion of other students, apply the information, and learn new ideas. I think it is critical for an exemplary student to be fair minded. Being fair minded are the results developing cognitive and socio-emotional stability. A fair-minded student, therefore, needs to have other qualities like intellectual integrity, and humility. 5. Identify and explain the ways that humans learn (reading, writing, speaking, listening). Analyze yourself about your strongest and weakest areas of learning and provide examples that reflect how you plan to improve your learning skills. A human learn through a process processes that include the fact that one has to be exposed to information that is
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