Critical Thinking Assignment On Buddhism

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Spencer Zindel
APOL 104
Professor Ross
Critical Thinking Assignment
Part One: Buddhism
• The Question of Origin- For Buddhist, the question of Origin is one that cannot be answered. Buddhist believe that there is no beginning or end of the world. Buddhist do not have an answer for the question of Origin. They simply accept that everything came to be just because.
• The Question of Identity- One big belief in Buddhism is reincarnation, which is the idea that you are given new life after you pass away. With reincarnation, you may be reborn many times. Buddhist believe that life cycle to be birth, living, death, and rebirth. Buddhist also believe in the concept of Nirvana, which is a state of freedom and liberation from suffering.
• The Question of Meaning/ Purpose- The main purpose in life for Buddhist is to end all suffering. The Buddha was said to have taught that humans suffer. The reason for humans suffering is because we continue to pursue things that will not have lasting happiness. A few of the things that humans continually try to pursue that do not give lasting happiness are material items, health, and friends. The Buddha did say that these things will give some happiness, but will eventually end and cause more sorrow. Buddha also had Four Truth’s: Suffering is life, desire causes suffering, to stop suffering you must first stop desire, stop desire with the Eightfold Path.
• The Question of Morality- Buddhist follow the Five Precepts for morality. The first
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