Critical Thinking Assignment On Psychological Stressor

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YOU MUST SUBMIT THIS STRESS JOURNAL BY 11PM ON JUNE 7th WEEK 1 Critical Thinking Assignment Question # & Response 8 lines 11 point Times 9) I think that the psychological stressor is the most common amongst people. Throughout one’s life, there are many struggles and hardships. As the videos showed, there are so many types of people out in the world dealing with the same types of stresses to survive in the world in general. Even with the cultural and geographical differences, humans as a race share the ability to reason. Along with the emotional capacity that we have, we all have to think and feel our way through one situation after another, one crisis after another; make decisions and moral judgments, all to make it through…show more content…
So I end up rushing at the last minute to get things done; just like this assignment. I waited till the last minute, and I am typing as fast as I can to get this journal in on time for those darn 5 measly points. Relaxation Technique Technique Before HR After HR Rating (0-10) Reaction Statement (BE SPECIFIC!!) Balloon Release 13 13 5 I was able to imagine balloons, but I was not able to fully relate them to stressors that I have. Body Scan 13 13 7 The steady breathing helped me relax. I was able to focus my attention away from the neck tension I was feeling. Self-Reflection Activity Keeping the kids on task with their studies (chronic distress) Paying off large amount of debt and living on a tight monthly budget (chronic distress, eustress) Taking 4 classes this quarter/semester at 3 different schools (chronic distress) Running late every morning dropping off the kids at 3 different schools (chronic distress) Watching my diet with my high cholesterol (chronic distress) High blood pressure (chronic distress) Studying for the GMAT (chronic distress) Wondering if I will be accepted for the MBA program (eustress) Taking care of my son after a motorcycle accident (acute distress) Oldest daughter moving in with her 2 kids after a divorce (chronic distress) WEEK 2 Critical Thinking Assignment Question # & Response
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