Critical Thinking Caps

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University of Phoenix Material Questions for Critical Thinking Caps Worksheet Read the description of the six caps and the “Case Study for Six Caps” on p. 175 of Professional Nursing. Answer the following questions individually. Then, discuss your answers in your Learning Team forum online. After you have discussed each question and achieved a consensus, compile a group response, which will be submitted as a Learning Team assignment. White cap: What pieces of information are needed to assist the family in making a decision regarding Marianne’s care? In this situation the family is at odds on what to do about Marianne. The husband wants to do everything possible to keep her alive, whereas the children think that surgery shouldn’t…show more content…
The family’s spiritual beliefs may help them be able to decide what to do with Marianne. For example, if they have Christian beliefs, then a spiritual advisor may help the husband come to terms with letting go of his wife so that whatever decision he makes, she does not have a poor quality of life. The advisor may give the family peace is whatever decision they make regarding Marianne’s care. On the other hand, the spiritual advisor could convince the children to try the surgery and be optimistic that the outcome may be good. Green cap: Describe how ethics committees can provide support to patients’ families during their difficult decision-making process. According to "Ethics Committees, Programs And Consultation" (2013), “the goals of an ethics committee is to promote the rights of patients, to promote shared decision making between patients and their clinicians, to promote fair policies and procedures that maximize the likelihood of achieving good, patient centered outcomes and to enhance the ethical environment for health care professionals in health care institutions.” The ethics committee can help the family understand what their rights are and inform them who would be the one to make the final decision and give them all the different options available to them. They can also help explain the different outcomes of each decision and help the family weigh the
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