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Questions for Critical Thinking Caps Worksheet
Read the description of the six caps and the “Case Study for Six Caps” on p. 175 of Professional Nursing. Answer the following questions individually. Then, discuss your answers in your Learning Team forum online. After you have discussed each question and achieved a consensus, compile a group response, which will be submitted as a Learning Team assignment.

White cap:
What pieces of information are needed to assist the family in making a decision regarding Marianne’s care?

For the family to make a decision regarding Marianne’s care, they need “knowledge about the probability and nature of consequences attending various courses of action,” and expertise and special knowledge from the
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By “trying everything,” through this action there may be possible positive consequences. The Deontological theory is based on the idea that “an action is right or wrong independent of its consequences” (Taylor, et al., 2008). Marianne’s children would be basing their decision to refuse surgery on the deontology theory because they view the decision to “try everything” as being wrong regardless of the consequences. Even knowing that by going through with surgery, they may keep their mother alive, they realize it would be wrong to do so because she may have little to no function. They know that their mother would not want to be kept alive with no quality of life and they do not want to go against her wishes.
Hem, Nortvedt, and Skirbekk (2011) found that it is important that the family is motivated by the right reasons, by care and concern for Marianne. However, “Deciding the benefits and burdens of treatments introduces a surrogate’s own values” (McGowan, 2011, p. 66). If Marianne’s husband values family and companionship, he may have a difficult time coming to terms with Marianne’s condition or a DNR order. If her children value peace and quality of life, they may not understand the reasons for prolonging her life.

Black cap:
Discuss ways in which nurses can integrate concepts found within the American Nurses Association’s Code of Nursing Ethics and the Nursing Practice Act when caring for patients and their families.

The patient can be an

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