Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools

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Fear, anger, and stress were just some of the emotions swirling around the Gaza strip settlements on the 17 August 2005 . On this date, Israel began pulling its settlers out of this territory. At the center of this one Israeli commander, BG Gershon Hacohen had the mission to remove his countrymen from their homes . BG Hacohen’s greatest two challenges in his thinking to successfully carry out this mission from the elements of thought are point of view and assumptions through the scrutiny of the universal intellectual standard. These two were the greatest test because the decision was unpopular, the religious nature of the population, and the history in the region. In Richard Paul and Linda Elder’s book "Critical Thinking Concepts & Tools" the elements of thought and the universal intellectual standard laid out. The first of these elements of thought, point of view, focuses on his perspective and frame of reference . The second element of thought, assumptions, goes after what information he took for granted in thinking about the planning and execution process . To critical look at problems, critical thinkers use the universal intellectual standards which are: clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness. Even though sixty percent of Israelis agreed with the decision to remove their people out of the territories, the settlers living there viewed this as an overwhelming unpopular decision . He could have disregarded the point of view
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