Critical Thinking Decision-Making and Logic: The Backbone of Intelligence

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Critical thinking, decision-making, and logic form the backbone of intelligence. Regardless of what career path I may take, and where that path leads, I will continually rely on the skill set and mental habits that comprise critical thinking and logic. My decisions, I hope, are always informed by reason as well as finely honed intuition. Balance, integrity, and common sense will also be my companions. There are some core reasons why critical thinking, decision-making, and logic are critical to my personal and professional success. Evidence shows that our nation's strongest leaders possessed the skills of critical thinking and logic in their decision making processes. Moreover, our nation's best leaders understood the art of communication and rhetoric, which enabled them to create teams that united with a common cause. To be a strong leader, I will need to possess the arts of rhetoric, critical thinking, strong decision-making, and logic. To do so, I will need an open mind. Cultivating a strong and open mind is the foundation of critical thinking. It is impossible to think critically or rationally without entertaining multiple options and exploring new ideas. Rigidity and faulty reasoning, both signs of a closed mind, hinder critical thought and hamper good decisions. Both personal and professional success hinge on my ability to maintain an open mind. An open mind prevents stagnation, welcoming growth and change in every area of our lives. As a young person, I continue to

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