Critical Thinking Example Essay

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Critical thinking begins at the earliest stages of life. As you mature the process becomes more involved and by studying and practicing critical thinking methods you can improve and become more efficient in the process. You eventually learn to apply past experience, emotions and concepts that you have learned. Although there many critical thinking examples in personal lives such as decisions on health, money and family, for this paper we will discuss a critical decision process at work which resulted in a significant cost savings for a customer.
At work we use a variety of methods to solve problems and which almost always also results in some sort of cost savings. We have access to twenty three decision making tools that can be
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Many problems were quickly identified such as, there were many points where personnel had to lift product from floor level to a delivery wagon, product rotation in regard to expiration date, identification labels, access to materials/products, customer ordering times and customer ordering quantities. The team brainstormed ideas for each of the problems, evaluated which ideas were suited best for each problem and then physically began to implement the ideas. The first problem dealing with personnel lifting too many products from floor level was solved by replacing the wagons with delivery carts with no side rails and placing the products on stands that kept the products close to waist level. This way the product was loaded on to the cart there was very little lifting, mainly just sliding the product onto the cart which was purchased to coincide with the storage level of the product. Product rotation where you want to give the customer the oldest product to keep product from expiring was the cause of a lot of double movement when bringing in new products. This was solved by storing all the products in the middle of the storage rooms instead of up against a wall, this way personnel could walk completely around the product not having to rotate older material to the front each time new material arrived. Labels came next and instead of small identification labels on the wall about
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