Critical Thinking Exercise Questions : Earth Science

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Earth Science – ERTH 100 – Critical Thinking Exercise Questions Name Ricky Nguyen ERTH100-003 Christine Sanchez (note: this is a Word document. Use as much room as required to answer the questions. Most questions will require at least a good solid paragraph to answer. When done, save the file using the following format. First initial last name_100_section number_CTE.docx so if I was in section 5 it would be dvaughn_100_5_CTE.docx This will be uploaded to “SafeAssign” so save it to your hard drive and/or flash drive until then. Explanation of problem, question, conflict, or issue: 1. Explain the problem and explain why it is a conflict. The problem is that there isn’t any public engagement on the issue of climate change because how I see it is that these days’ people are more worried about how many people have a job rather than how varying weather patterns and chemicals that they are burning in the air can ruin the climate. To me, I see that there is different perceptions on how people view the climate may change in the future. There are different issues that the administration has been framing such as improving the job situation in the United States because jobs from the Year 2008-2009 had a 21+ increase rather than reducing influence from fellow lobbyists which saw a decline of -3. As we see it now, people use frames as a way of putting a specific thought that they may have into motion. On a daily basis, people may resort to framing as a way to discuss varying topics
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