Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinkers and Education A Teachers Goal Bia Mcgrue Scypion EDU372: Educational Psychology Prof. Jimletta Vareene-Thomas 2/20/2016 Critical Thinkers and Education A Teachers Goal Throughout life we are challenged and we encounter an abundance of issues or problems that we need to solve. Some problems that can be resolved effortlessly and efficiently but other obstacles may require a more critical and creative thinking to overcome. When it comes down to thinking to solve problems we depend on our thinking or give some regurgitated answer that we just read. But “much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed, or downright prejudiced” (TCTC, 2016). The purpose of critical thinking is so that…show more content…
This article or study describes positive academic performance as a direct result of critical learning which is contributed by the acts of doing and thinking. The research in this article proves that students with a more medical background as a major whose style of learning is more of a converging style are more likely to succeed in achieving their academic performance. The relationship between learning styles critical thinking and subject matter or major all played a relevant role. Certain styles of learning where better fits to reach critical thinking than others. For example in one of the case study researchers found “a negative relationship between critical thinking score and divergent learning style and a positive relation between critical thinking score and accommodating styles in this study the focus are students of training teacher” (Ghazivakili, 2014). This article supports the idea of critical thinking being important to our success and educational achievements. Students who were successful in achieving critical thinking through their relationship of their particular learning style where able to strengthen their student performances. This article targeted students in particular areas or with specific majors and they were able to identify which learning styles or formats where able to fit specific studies. In this article there were no conflicts of interest in the study or
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