Critical Thinking For Decision Making

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As a professional in healthcare for sixteen years, there is great value in capitalizing on my expertise to enhance the quality of my work and interactions in the organization. Over the years, I have worked in various fields of nursing such as long-term care, acute rehabilitation, research, hospice, agency work as needed at psychiatric, acute and long-term care facilities throughout the state, neuro acute care, step-down, informatics, and risk management. The majority of my career was spent at the bedside on the neuro acute care unit at a level one trauma center as the charge nurse. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my critical thinking for decision-making and problem-solving as a professional in healthcare, reflect on the three most important elements of personal and professional etiquette, identify my communication strengths and weaknesses, identify strategies to stay on-task and on-time, and discuss my professional goals. Critical Thinking for Decision-Making and Problem Solving As a professional in the healthcare environment, I use my critical thinking for decision-making and problem solving everyday with every task and grievance I resolve. Critical thinking is very important in risk management, patient safety and quality in healthcare. I utilize my years of experience as a nurse, confidence of knowledge, ability to recognize and adhere to hospital procedures, instinct, professionalism, and understanding of appropriate workflow to assist in my decision-making and
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